The Corporate Intelligence Consultancy


CiRO™ Intelligence Leveraged

CiRO is a corporate intelligence consultancy that works with law firms, financial institutions, companies, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals.

Our highly trained team all originate from relevant professional backgrounds; including government intelligence agencies, Asian & Middle Eastern finance, and from some of the highest ranks within the British, Foreign, and Commonwealth military services.

We provide our clients with Intellectual Property Protection, Global Asset Tracing, Transaction Intelligence, Cyber & Political Risk Management, and Bespoke Research services.

Our clients tell us that we are different. We believe it’s our ability to understand their needs and culture. They value our integrity, agility, international reach, world-class product suite, and our successful track record - especially in challenging markets.

CiRO is a dynamic, young company that reacts professionally and accurately - delivering the most appropriate solutions for our demanding client base. This forms the basis of our competitive edge.

We have firm roots in traditional intelligence gathering methodology, coupled with a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and tactics. Absolute integrity and discretion are at the heart of our ethos. We protect and enable our clients, helping them to feel secure and totally confident in the business decisions that they make.

Each project that CiRO undertakes is supported by comprehensive evidential reporting and, unlike any of our competitors, we indemnify the accuracy of our work with a £10,000,000 insurance policy.

Marque Guard™

We understand the vast amount of money and energy it takes to build a respected and profitable business identity. Marque Guard™ was built to protect and safeguard our client’s brand reputation and marketing investments.


CiROCyber™ locates and identifies the source of any online account, email, website, domain, content, image or other web footprint. We use innovative software and expert investigators to analyse the huge amount of technical data sitting in the dark recesses behind the internet.

Capital Track™

CiRO is a market leader in the provision of asset identification, tracing, and recovery services. We work in partnership with your legal team, using sophisticated forensic investigation techniques, to locate assets and retrieve misappropriated funds across multiple jurisdictions.


During the research, purchase, sale, or negotiation process - knowledge really does equal power. Our transaction intelligence product, AcquiVantage™ has given our clients a pre-deal competitive edge that has earned, or saved, them millions of pounds.

CiRO Bespoke

No two of our clients are alike and not all of their requirements fit neatly into one of our existing product ranges. CiRO has a bespoke due diligence and intelligence service that is tailored to provide the exact solution to your need, and answers questions that you didn’t know you should ask.