CiRO™ Products

When CiRO was first conceived we provided a purely bespoke business intelligence service to our client base, tailoring our delivery to exactly fit each individual project.

As the company has evolved and grown we have been able to design a number of “off-the-shelf” products in addition to our bespoke service. These products have been built to fulfill our client’s most common requirements with transparent pricing and defined completion timeframes:

Marque Guard™

At CiRO we understand the vast amount of money and energy it takes to build a respected and profitable business identity. Marque Guard™ was built to protect and safeguard our client’s brand reputation and marketing investments.

CiRO is able to gather physical and automated intelligence to identify violating, counterfeit, and grey market retailers and websites. We utilise specialist tactics to eradicate intellectual property infringement at its source. At CiRO we advise and support our clients during the prosecution process, using our extensive PR networks to promote successes and prevent future attacks.

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CiROCyber™ locates and identifies the source of any online account, email, website, domain, content, image or other web footprint. We use innovative software and expert investigators to analyse the huge amount of technical data sitting in the dark recesses behind the internet.

We provide our clients with an accurate and cost effective way to trace real people from even the smallest online presence. This gives us the intelligence required to make contact, disable or prosecute. CiROCyber™ is legal and ethical, but is conducted entirely covertly.

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“I was impressed by the technical expertise and ‘know how’ of your staff. Not only did they deliver a quality product, but also managed to save us money on our risk management processes.”

Managing Director – FTSE 250 Group of Construction Companies


Capital Track™

CiRO is a market leader in the provision of asset identification, tracing, and recovery services. We work in partnership with your legal team, using sophisticated forensic investigation techniques, to locate assets and retrieve misappropriated funds across multiple jurisdictions.

Our clients use Capital Track™ in a variety of circumstances to identify company and personal assets including bank accounts, property, cars, boats, shares, trusts, bonds, land, pension funds, and corporate affiliations. CiRO also uses covert intelligence methods that can uncover hidden assets, including disguised safety deposit boxes and unnamed offshore accounts.

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“The team were very professional – to say the least. Unobtrusive, but clearly aware of everything  going on. Those who were ‘in the know', so to speak, were most impressed.”

UHNW Client



During the research, purchase, sale, or negotiation process - knowledge equals power. Our transaction intelligence product, AcquiVantage™ has given our clients a pre-deal competitive edge that has earned, or saved, them millions of pounds.

CiRO is typically engaged at the early decision-making stage and sources intelligence that provides our clients with vital leverage. We have worked on a variety of transactions including land purchases, residential property development, commercial lease renewals, license & agreement negotiation, new market entry, and corporate mergers & acquisitions.

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